Pz. 38 nA (tier 4) vs Caernarvon (tier 8) crazy matchmaking

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Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 2. The Pz. Se fabricaron 5 prototipos. Essentially a Pz.

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Please log in to reply. Grimbru 1 Posted 13 February – Thanks Grimbru Please update the chart in this thread aswell http: Grimbru 3 Posted 13 February – Trent 4 Posted 13 February – It would be much more convenient to have the premium part below the main part, not next to it. Seems that way unfortunately, at the very least it should be T7 maximum where they have some chance to do some damage. I’m sick and tired of this notion that scouts need to do damage.

Go find artillery if you wish to do damage in tier 8 game with a tier 4 scout, beyond that just do your job and scout. Problem is that there aren’t many arty pieces floating around since the big nerf, and at tier 4 you’re probably still a new player not ready for the somewhat advanced role of scouting. Which is why tier 4 light tanks should either have the scout MM removed, or move tier 4 lights away from any tree that doesn’t lead to a top tier light tank.

Pz. 38 nA (tier 4) vs Caernarvon (tier 8) crazy matchmaking

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It is actually quite a fun tale. Of course, given the arty hard-cap now in place this could play merry hell with the matchmaker, and to be honest I am actually interested to see how it all works out. Maybe a slight increase in mobility too so it is more on par with something like t44 Once completed make sure to research the top engine since that also fits into the Tiger P at tier 7. While this is still the goal for the match-maker, since update 0. Both grinds are not that long, but one will certainly be more fun.

You will want to push through it fast however to get to the glorious Pz. Matchmaking – Now there is the alternative through the — but again there is no way for the new player to know the difference between the two routes. Today, we are going to have a look at Panzer 38t nA.

Straight Outta Supertest – Reworked M5 Stuart

Jukelo 13 Posted 20 June – The 38na is a passive scout, it doesn’t really need speed or agility. It has nice camo and low profile. But Pz38 t is a useless scout, due to its low topspeed and accelleration.

Matchmaking rule changes have shifted around Tiers II and III Germany has two scouts, the Pz 38 nA and the Luchs, a fun medium in the.

Jump to content. I recently bought the PzIII and have been having a good time playing with it. Then just a little while ago I decided to compare it to the Pz 38 NA so switched. First I got stuck in battles with lots of tier 7 tanks and then I got hit with a ping. Switched back and forth a few times and it was always the same. Would they be manipulating things to get players to use certain tanks? Note: Battle tier is not the same as vehicle tier. A tier 4 battle can see tier 3 and 4 tanks.

Serious suggestion Only immature minds work that way. WG does it’s fair share of manipulating in the game, but it is open and normal and not aimed at any individual player or individual team or individual battle.

UNFAIR Match making…. and I’m about to flip the table….

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Pz 38 na Matchmaking Problems

Dating a colt frontier scout Dating a colt frontier scout Offered is go on the centerfire colt scout with delivery confirmation. Payment thru paypal and had an excellent finish frontier scout sa. Sell your single-action six-shot revolver that i can call colt frontier scout online personals and it was. Except for the frontier scout is the colt factory colt single action revolvers frontier scout revolver.

Pz38na scout matchmaking coc, but that have unique matchmaking server; preferential matchmaking – join wot preferential matchmaking for.

The matchmaker finds a team for players who enter the Random Battle queue. In doing so, several requirements must be met: teams should be similar in class and tier, yet differ in ways so that the strategy of the battle varies. Another important factor is keeping the queue wait time as small as possible. When creating a battle, the matchmaker first looks to place eligible large Platoons players , followed by artillery and then light tanks with scout matchmaking.

After this criterion is met, other players are selected to fill the remaining positions, keeping the team’s weight balanced as closely as possible. If the matchmaker struggles to meet the requirements for an eligible match, it eases up on the rules to avoid players spending too much time in the queue. However, the matchmaker never breaks the minimum balance requirements. If the matchmaker still can’t find a good battle after about five minutes, players get kicked back to the Garage.

Each vehicle, depending on its performance, falls in a certain range of Battle Tiers to fight in.

Pz38na scout matchmaking

Essentially a Pz. The “nA” in the tank’s name stands for “neuer Art”, which might be considered similar to the term “State-of-the-art” in English. Its fully upgraded cannon is surprisingly powerful and is even able to damage a tier VII tank in certain situations. However, it is slow in reverse, making reversing an unreliable way to get out of a jam.

Matchmaking Table (). submitted 4 years ago Here’s from the wiki, you Go find artillery if you wish to do damage in tier 8 game with a tier 4 scout, And of course, that little Pz38nA probably won’t get a piece of the arty pie if the​.

Jump to content. So my tank is Pz. My current objective is to get Panzer IV. But it requires 15k exp. Now I don’t mind playing multiple games. My main gun can’t penetrate anything front or back!!! On average I am getting EXP. And before you ‘experts’ say I am playing as Scout.. I don’t want to play as Scout

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Pz38na scout matchmaking coc, but that have unique matchmaking server; preferential matchmaking – join wot preferential matchmaking for.

Need help with Pz38Na self. This is a decent scout if used right. You will often be put into matches much higher than your tier. So learn how to scout effectively. When I had that tank I was horrible at WoT. The only scouts I ever saw were suicide scouts so that is the only thing I did on that tank. Read up on how to scout without dying and you will be a blessing for your team.

Pz. 38 nA

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