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Specialist Louise Broadhurst advises on everything from the identification of natural dyes to finding the right setting on your vacuum cleaner. Keen Persian rug collectors included Cornelius Vanderbilt and Sigmund Freud, who kept a rug draped over the couch on which his clients would sit. Antique Oriental rugs were woven on a traditional loom with strands of cotton, silk or wool, called warps, stretched vertically between two wooden horizontal beams. The weaver then passed rows of silk, cotton or wool, called wefts, in alternation over and under each adjacent warp. The warp and the weft constitute the basic foundation of most carpets. The higher the number of knots the finer the rug will be, and the more intricate the pattern will become. This technique proved so effective that carpets are made using these same methods today.

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They are also the most durable. The key to determining if a rug was hand-woven is to look at the row of knots in the back. While the design and colors match the front, the knots in the back of the rug will not tell perfect and the rows will not be even. In contrast, machine-made rugs are produced on computer driven looms where hundreds of spindles of fiber are mechanically woven into a mesh value.

An antique rug’s uniqueness, intricacy and complexity is only limited to its creator’s , this is the most expensive rug to have ever sold at Catawiki to date.

Persian rugs also are Oriental rugs but they are made only in Iran formerly known as Persia. An authentic Persian rug or carpet is hand knotted. Persian rug designs were once named after the city in which they were created. As their popularity increased, these patterns became produced elsewhere and kept their original names. They are some of the most popular designs that have kept their regional namesakes.

Characteristics of a Persian rug include an unusually thick pile up to knots per square inch , extremely rich color combinations and unique designs.

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Perfect for large homes and cozy apartments alike, rugs serve as both fundamental pieces and focal points of any space. Large area rugs create a canvas for the entire room, while smaller rugs draw the eye to specific areas. In a large room, perfectly placed area rugs can help define the space, creating smaller sitting areas within the room. Bare hardwood floors can always benefit from the addition of a warm, plush rug, but carpeted rooms can also benefit from rugs, which add contrasting textures and patterns.

Get creative by hanging elegant rugs on walls or layering rugs to mix and match different tones and textures. Ultimately, rugs offer a versatile way to enhance your home’s decor and give your room a finished look.

This rug is over a century old, dating back to It is truly remarkable that a rug of this age is in such pristine condition.

Specializing in Central Asian rugs, textiles and arts. Also always interested in buying nice pieces. Skip to Navigation. IstalifiCollection Specializing in Central Asian rugs, textiles and arts. An an exceptional antique Chinese silk embroidery from Qing dynasty. Dating to the 19th century, the fine stitch used in this piece An outstanding antique Uzbek Bukhara silk suzani fragment stitched on a canvas ready to be mounted dating to the mid 19th An exceptional antique Uzbek Nurata silk suzani fragment mounted on a canvas dating to the mid 19th century The fine silk embroidery An exceptional and rare example of antique Uzbek Lakai tribe silk embroidered suzani dating to late 19th century.

Often silk on coloured An exceptional and rare antique Persian silk and gold metal thread brocade textile fragment mounted on a canvas. These things are considered It is a haft rant

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The best way to learn how is to get out there and experience as many rugs as possible to learn to spot the differences. Listen or read more to find out how experts age a rug. Hi, Sam. Sam, what determines if a rug is an antique rug?

Choose from + Antique Rugs, prices from £ to £ Only Genuine Antique Rugs Approved. Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Rugs.

The classifications are more like times of age, of numbers. John: Is there a certain value or cost of a rug that gets added on if a rug is an antique rug or a semi-antique rug? Sam: Definitely, I always try to equate it to a rug of people are into cars and as cars get older, they get more valuable because there’s less and less of them. Once the cash passes that threshold of a hundred prices old, that’s antique territory and if it was in good shape.

Also, what determines a rug’s value is also how many are in the rug, so the more rare and more scarce of a certain type or style or sale, then condition: is any repair done to it, is it worn? Is it stained?

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He had been out, and he said, “Down the street there’s a house that they’re cleaning out, and there’s a couch on the curb and a Dumpster. And so I grabbed my mom and I said, “Let’s go look. I got a whole Dumpster full of stuff. Maybe they’re, like, a collection. You’ve done a little bit of research on your own? If it’s real, we did find something very, very similar to this on the Internet. It came from the Tekke Turkoman tribe, or at least these patterns did, and it’s something called an “animal tree” pattern.

And I’m not quite sure how to say the word, but it’s an asmalyk, or something like that, rug. The trick is to know how much of that information is actually going to apply to your piece or not. So an asmalyk would have been made as a dowry piece, but it would have been used in the wedding procession as a ceremonial piece, and it would have hung on the side of the camel during the bride’s procession.

Antique Persian Kashan Carpets

Navajo Rug Appraisal Co. When one encounters dates that are woven into the fields or end borders of Oriental rugs, it should be noted that these dates are generally unreliable. There are several reasons for this:. In the past as is the case today, Oriental rugs were often woven by people who were uneducated and illiterate.

Feb 20, – Antique Avar Rug Date: circa | CARPETS FROM CAUCASUS | Pinterest | Rugs, Rugs on carpet and Antiques.

The book presents a pictorial journey around Persia, reflecting the weaving and pattern styles of the many regions and tribes -including Esfahan, Kashan, Nain, Qum, Kerman, Tabriz, Bakhtiari, Senneh, Malayer and Qashqai — showing the vast range of carpets woven in Persia from about to the third quarter of the 20th century. In addition, each caption gives an in-depth account of the carpet, not only the date and region in which it was woven, but also the motifs and patterns, the technique used, even the weaver, and, in the case of pictorial carpets, the fascinating stories being depicted.

The introductory essay takes the reader through the history and geography of the Persian rug, including information on structure, weaving and knotting, the different output of the city and urban workshops compared to tribal and village weaving, flatweaves, and identification. It also features points of note for the collector, such as conservation and cleaning, as well as highlighting the difficulties in dating rugs, and the problems with fakes.

This exquisite book — an essential addition to the bookshelves of all carpet collectors and aficionados — is a testament to the rich and vibrant art form of Persian carpets. The Fabric Of Life presents a pictorial journey around Persia, showing the vast range of carpets woven in Persia from about to the third quarter of the 20th century.

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The carpets coming from the Caucasus are of a simple nature, whereby the antique models have a higher quality than the modern ones. The reason for this is the material used. Whereas carpets in this region were once knotted from hand-spun wool treated with natural colours, today industrial spun wool is not uncommon.

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To convert an Islamic lunar date into the Christian or Georgian date, use this formula:. Thus, a woven rug date of “” converts like this: Islamic lunar date of plus minus 38 38 being divided by Islamic Dates in NEWER Carpets By the ‘s, the governments of both Turkey and “Persia” which changed its name to Iran at this time converted to a solar calendar, so that the lengths of their months would match the lengths of months in the West note that the Caucasus, under Russian control since the early ‘s, tended to use the solar calendar earlier than Turkey or Iran.

To convert an Islamic solar date into the Christian or Georgian date, use this formula:. Arabic Numerals Used in Dating Rugs. Western-style numerals are in red; three versions of numbers in Arabic calligraphy are illustrated below them. Arabic numerals are read left-to-right, as in the West: thousands, hundreds, tens, ones. OK, enough lecture. Pictured here is part of a Bahktiari rug from Iran with a date woven into the guard border. Pick out the Arabic numbers that make up the date.

Identifying Antique Persian Rugs : Rug Education

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