A Work Sheet to Achieve a Balanced Single Wing Offense

In American football , a T formation frequently called the full house formation in modern usage, sometimes the Robust T is a formation used by the offensive team in which three running backs line up in a row about five yards behind the quarterback , forming the shape of a “T”. Numerous variations of the T formation have been developed, including the Power-T, where two tight ends are used, the Pro T, which uses one tight end and one wide receiver , or the Wing T , where one of the running backs or wingback lines up one step behind and to the side of the tight end. Any of these can be run using the original spacing, which produced a front of about seven yards, or the Split-T spacing, where the linemen were farther apart and the total length of the line was from 10 to 16 yards. The T formation is often said to be the oldest offensive formation in American football and is claimed to have been invented by Walter Camp in However, as the forward pass was legalized, the original T became obsolete in favor of formations such as the single wing. Innovations, such as a smaller, more throwing-friendly ball, along with the invention of the hand-to-hand snap in the s, led to the T’s revival. The original T formation is seldom used today, but it was successful in the first half of the 20th century. The formation led to a faster-paced, higher-scoring game.

Spread Single-Wing Offense: Basic QB Run Plays

SE — Follow SG and cut off of his block picking up the next off colored jersey. Ken Keuffel, at New Jersey’s. Our racehorse philosophy put us at a real advantage over our opponents. We feel that these good fakes set up blocks and that is the key to our trap. Before we get into the playbook, allow me to introduce myself.

Man I’m telling the 7yrs ive been coaching, ive NEVER seen ANY team DOUBLE WING OFFENSE (out of hospital) – COACH BOB STONE over 60 plays, all of which can be run from about 8 calls using seven formations. I’m a single wing coach so I don’t pass much but I do have two very effective pass plays.

Jerry Campbell Football. Youth Football Coaches Association helping to provide resources to make youth coaches better teachers. Single Wing Offense. Glazier Coaching Clinics. Follow Us On:. Reply Single Wing Offense. Coach Washington Junior Member. This will be my second year as HC for year olds. Last year I ran a wishbone offense but this year I want to install the Single wing offense. I have 7 players returning this year of which 3 are my “star players.

Single Wing Beast Formation with Zone Running

On an NFL field in September, the Miami Dolphins — fresh off a season — stunned the New England Patriots, then on a game regular-season winning streak, thanks in part to a funky formation called the “Wildcat. The sports world noticed, watching as running back Ronnie Brown took several snaps and either handed off, ran or threw, confusing the Patriots each time. And, at a high school in suburban St. Louis, a few players noticed, too.

The original single-wing used the quarterback as the blocking back. He rarely ever got the ball and when he did, it was on a handoff from the full.

Posted November 24, p. EST Updated November 24, p. If imitation is the finest form of flattery, football is rosy-cheeked. Steve Logan dug into his history book this week to give us a lesson on the origins of the modern offense — the single-wing. Popularized by Pop Warner in the early s, the single wing took advantage of early motion and unbalanced lines to try and confuse the defense while putting the ball in the hands of the skill players as quickly as possible. The original single-wing used the quarterback as the blocking back.

He rarely ever got the ball and when he did, it was on a handoff from the full back.

Coaches find success in single wing

College football is gradually progressing to the point where rushing the ball is a thing of the past. The nine offenses on this list are the ones that are, for the most part, obsolete, but which we would love to see make a comeback at the collegiate level. This desire to see these offenses return is due to their emphasis on the power run game and sheer domination of an opponent.

While some are used occasionally, usually as a gimmick, for the most part, these offenses have faded into the annals of college football history, never to make a big time return, unless Barry Alvarez gets to run the college football universe for an extended period of time. This set isn’t completely gone, and variations are scattered across the college football landscape.

If your league rules do not prevent you from running an 8-man front, I would Coach: Dave Cisar’s package on single wing is the most complete offensive.

Linemen are almost touching cleats, side by side, as they squat down to start the play. With two backs a step behind the tight ends and a receiver split wide, the quarterback takes the snap under center and sets the play in motion. Welcome to the double wing, an offense that can still be found at some Arizona high schools, especially in the smaller conferences, that has been around since Pop Warner developed it in There are variations.

The Wing T, which some schools in Arizona still use, was quite popular in the s and ’90s in Arizona with a back lined up a step behind one tight end. Anything that has the quarterback taking snaps under center with more than one guy in the backfield looks different in today’s landscape of no-huddle, pass-first spreads fostered from the college game that is being incorporated in the NFL game.

Jefferies didn’t run this offense until he left Thatcher to get the Queen Creek charter school’s football program rolling. At Thatcher, with Heath Motes as his quarterback, he ran a no-huddle, shotgun spread. Motes ended up as the Small School Player of the Year by the Arizona Republic in , when he passed for 1, yards and 25 touchdowns, and ran for 2, yards and 32 TDs.

How Baylor took us closer to spread football’s final destination

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A combination of brilliant offensive scheming and terrible counter-strategy from North Carolina led to a huge day for Baylor and single-wing, spread football. The NBA world has been rocked by the introduction of “spread” tactics over the last several seasons with the major shift coming when the Miami Heat won consecutive championships thanks to “small-ball” basketball lineups that confronted opponents with LeBron James playing a “power-guard” position while surrounded by three point shooters.

The spacing that the Heat were able to get on offense made it virtually impossible to handle the freakish, 6’8″ James on his drives to the basket.

The Single Wing Beast Tight Right Power 16 Tank play is one of my favorite plays and a top play to run in your pee wee football offense. The Beast formation puts.

This DVD breaks down how to run an effective no-huddle offense. Current offensive line coach at Penn State, Herb Hand breaks down his expertise with his screen and play-action plays. This DVD provides a breakdown of one and two back zones in an offense. Coach McElroy shares his work with an effective screen game in his passing offense.

South breaks down his expertise on the one-back, shotgun offense. Watch how the St. Louis Rams execute on the goal line to punch it in agains the San Francisco 49ers. Coach Dave Jacobs introduces his Spread-Choice offense. Coach Hammer describes his personal run scheme through the development of an effective GT or counter. This DVD helps explain the flow screen package in an offense. This DVD helps explain a way to run the alley screen in an offense. This DVD shows several screen variations in a spread formation.

How to properly run the jet sweep while adjusting to multiple defensive fronts. The implementation of the Wing-T into various formations on an offense.

Single Wing Offense

I get e-mails all the time from 8 man teams that want to know how my offense would be modified to fit into the 8 man game. I rarely try and offer advice on subjects that I have not had hands on in-depth experience with. A number of these 8 man coaches went forward with my offensive system and did quite well.

-Can run a variety of offensive concepts: Wing T – Great misdirection set – Pressure on Defensive alignment. -OPTION. -Power football – ISO-Toss-Keep.

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This offense has a great potential for the underdeveloped athletes success. This is a high-powered, can’t find the ball misdirection and power offense. It forces an opponent to change defensive schemes, change defensive tactics, and abandon aggressive pursuit. In this book, I discuss how to install this offense, how to run practice drills, how to keep practice organization, how to deal with problem defensive fronts, how to teach the snap, how to teach the spin and buck maneuvers, and tips on personnel selection.

8- Man Spread Offense

It’s also the home of Gueydan High School, whose football team over the years has not been a point of special community pride. Not until this past season, that is, when Coach Ward Courville’s Gueydan Bears broke all sorts of school records. Most significant, perhaps, was winning five games for the first time in school history; but the Bears didn’t stop there, finishing with the first winning season and the first post-season playoff spot in school history.

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The following is a list of common and historically significant formations in American football. In association football, the formation describes how the players in a team are positioned on the pitch. Different formations can be used depending on whether a team wishes to play more attacking or defensive football. This list is not exhaustive; there are hundreds of different ways to organize a team’s players while still remaining within the “7 on the line 4 in the backfield” convention.

Still, this list of formations covers enough of the basics that almost every formation can be considered a variant of the ones listed below. The T formation is the precursor to most modern formations, in that it places the quarterback directly under center in contrast to its main competitor of its day, the single wing , which had the quarterback receiving the ball on the fly.

It consists of three running backs lined up in a row about five yards behind the quarterback, forming the shape of a T. It may feature two tight ends known as the Power T or one tight end and a wide receiver in this case known as a split end. This is a running formation in which the option is effective. The T formation was made famous by the University of Minnesota in the s and s winning five national titles.

Auburn’s Single Wing Spinning Fullback Series

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Intro to Beast Wide Offense Base Running plays from my Power Wing Beast Offense youth football offense playbook. The Beast is variant of the Single Wing.

I started running the Beast formation in after seeing it in Football Play simulator PC software. I ran several Beast play simulations and knew this was my answer to my stagnate pee wee offense. There are 8 base Beast Offense plays and they work great! The off-tackle power dive is the base play in the Single Wing Beast Offense. The power running play is similar to a flying wedge and a trap. This play has served me well since as a short yardage play and a play if I need 5 yards tough yards.

If you have a great running fullback or a hefty tailback that likes to run in traffic the Single Wing Offense is one you should consider.

8-man offense

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