3-5-7 matchmaking at Tier V…. really?

Several prototypes from different companies were developed since , but not a single one had been fully completed at the time of the Fall of France in The projects represented some of the most advanced French tank design of the period and finally envisaged a type that would have been roughly equal in armament and mobility to later World War II standard tanks of other nations, such as the Soviet T and the American M4 Sherman , but possessing several novel features, such as gun stabilisation, a semi-automatic loader and an optical rangefinder. By the French Infantry had not yet developed a satisfactory medium tank. Whereas a reasonably effective heavy break-through tank was available, the Char B1 , and several light infantry support tanks were on the brink of being taken into production — the Renault R35 , Hotchkiss H35 and the FCM 36 — a good medium tank had still to be designed, as the Char D1 was a manifest failure and the Char D2 only a slight improvement over its ancestor. On 18 December the first specifications were issued by the Infantry of a Char Moyen d’Infanterie de 20 tonnes “twenty tonne medium infantry tank”. The weight limit of twenty metric tonnes was chosen because of railroad, bridge carrying and pontoon constraints. In May , the Conseil Consultatif de l’Armement accordingly decided that French industry would be invited to initiate studies on the design of a tank having sufficient protection and armament to fight other armour, but light enough twenty tons or less to be both cheap and mobile. A twenty-tonne tank would be lighter, swifter, cheaper, more easily produced and require less training.

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Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 4. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 8. The project of a new vehicle was suggested by engineers of the Baudet-Donon-Roussel company in June , but the design was never developed. Whereas the B1 , D2 , and D1 are all very heavily armored for their tiers and often struggle to penetrate and damage higher tier tanks, the G1 B, once fully upgraded, has absolutely no problems with firepower.

Unfortunately, the G1 B is nowhere near as well-protected or durable as its predecessors for its tier.

posted in Heavy Tanks: The BDR 1 GB absolutely rocks (+ battles in and the best thing about the BDR is besides it’s matchmaking is the.

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How is the BDR G1B?

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Jump to content. No armor, horrible gun handling and aim time, poor gun depression and sluggish mobility. I have noticed French tanks are shell magnets – everyone wants to shoot you. How can u compare this OP beast tank with church GC? Michall, on 10 March – AM, said:. Certified member of the “Save the Littlepard” Foundation. Rest In Peace Edurace. You will not be forgotten. The G1 also has OP viewrange. Mount coated optics and you’ll outspot a tier X Leopard I.

With the superior viewrange, you could also try using the 90mm so you don’t have to land as many shots to do the same amount of damage. Do note the penetration on the 7,5 weapon isn’t great, so load some APCR for heavily armoured vehicles. You can DPM down almost any opponent, but you will often have to trade hitpoints to do it, so don’t put yourself in those situations too early on. The side armor isn’t great, but if you angle it 20 degrees or less, you can side scrape with it.

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Jump to content. WTF wargaming. What exactly is a Tier V heavy supposed to do in a match like that? I can’t see any of the lower tier tanks, I can’t snipe, my armour is paper, and the majority of the enemy team have better accuracy, dispersion and aiming time.

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The project of a new vehicle was suggested by engineers of the Baudet-Donon-Roussel company in June , but the design was never developed. Time for the successive autoreloading of each shell into the magazine. Characteristics are specified for Siege mode. The technical characteristics are displayed for the charged turbine mode.

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By Madner Kami , May 1, in France. So, out of shere boredom I decided to complete a few low tier tanks with that nagging green button underneath them and I began with the french medium line leading to the G1R, because I still had the H35 since ages immemorial. H35 offers a smooth experience. A bit slow, armor works out with the special matchmaking, guns are decent like all low tier french guns, well almost all but more to that in a few sentences.

Same for the S35, except a problem of that entire branch already creeps up: Nothing of importance carries over. The S35 has no engines, no radios and no guns pre-researched and is possibly the worst offender in that particular regard, but at least the stock-gun is still workable, with liberal application of premium ammo and with just XP for the first gun upgrade, you can get there even without using gold or suffering all too much, but the line’s problem already gets in your face.

Once fully upgraded, the tank is actually pretty decent. Armor still works out if top tier, the guns are not exactly punchy but penetrate well and offer good stats in most regards, though the tank is having trouble getting to top speed, but it gets there, eventually. Still a reasonably good experience to play, especially if you know how to reverse side-scrape.

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BDR G1 BTier V French Heavy Tank. Stats · 3D Model · Compare · Modules · Options. VII. IV 75 mm SA AP d / 74pHEAT d / 92pHE d / 38p.

Earl, in his Grille, could hang back. We followed a T29 down one flank, hoping that we could use him as cover to get in our own shots. However we ended up facing a host of enemies, and things did not end well. Direct link here. Best watched in a larger format. Available up to p. And then what appears to be a Chinese T comes around and sends Potshot who tanks under the nom de guerre 9Ball to his demise.

In its element, the Char B1 is not a bad tank. The B1 is a tier IV heavy tank, a tier that is otherwise bereft of tanks in that class. The only exception is the captured German version of the tank, which got yanked back when the French line was introduced. In a match where tier IV is the top, the B1 can truly fill the heavy tank role. It has enough armor and hit points to press forward in the vanguard. While not speedy it can move. Its best gun can damage anything it can hit, is reasonably accurate, and fires quickly.

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The project of a new vehicle was suggested by engineers of the Baudet-Donon-​Roussel company in June , but the design was never developed. BDR G1 B​.



Name: BDR G1 B Nation: Frankreich Klasse: Schwerer Panzer der Stufe Merkmale: Starkes Geschütz, schwache Panzerung, mittelmäßige.


World of Tanks BDR G1 B – 9 Kills 3,3K Damage

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